Friday, July 26, 2013

Busting moves and breaking walls

As of our last bathroom update, there was mold, lots of mold.
Remember this guy?
So after much scraping, filling of holes, washing, and sanding we have finally gotten the first coat of primer on the walls! YIPPY! It looks better already! I have also started priming the hallway walls.
 Even though this bathroom is small, there were two towel racks that had bee placed in slick little locations. The problem was that, like everything in this house, they were horribly out of date.
HOwever, a little spray paint works wonders in the area of updating. So, I went to Lowes and picked out black spray paint, but not just any ol' black - Enter "Hammered" black.
 This is the BEST paint ever! The picture just doesn't do justice to how nice the metal looks after applying this bad boy! Looks professional and supa sweet :)
                                             BEFORE                                           AFTER!
                          I forgot to get a close up but here is the TP holder                  

To add to our ever growing craziness, I also started on the hallway going down to the basement. First, I had to tear off the very 80's chic rainbow V design and specklish yellow that covered it top to bottom. This stuff was not as happy to come off the walls as the shells in the bathroom however.
After getting all the paper off, I had to take a rag and a putty knife to all the glue. 3 hours later and a nice clorox bath, she was ready to be filled. Because we had taken out the saloon doors sorry Johnny Depp, you will no longer find a western bar in the basement! There were huge chunks missing that came out with the beams that held the doors. Filling them was quite a challenge, but once filled, dried and sanded they look alright for a basement wall. 
Currently, they are sitting pretty with their first coat of primer and awaiting what our imaginations decide they should become.

And just because there wasn't enough of a mess in our house, KC promptly put a HOLE in our wall this last evening! Crazy, I know! 
But ... doesn't it look amazing??!?! Minus all the broken drywall, wires, and beams ;) We have been wanting to open this up for a while and are really happy with the look already! 

and thus ensues our renovation chaos!