Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Half Bath Villains

Since it is summer, and I have the next month still free, we have been trying to tackle as many home reno projects as we can before I start back in September (yay for Michigan and not letting us start till after Labor Day!!!) With the kitchen at a standstill due to the wait on cupboards, subway tile, and the counter top shipments, I decided to attack the smallest room in our house. Small is always good, especially if you have more than one project going already.
First, I began by removing the strange shell-designed-completely-mismatching-the-tile paper that covered the top half of our miniature bathroom - lovingly referred to as the "Titanic" bath, not named for its size mind you, but for its unmistakable resemblance to what we feel would have been a bathroom in the second class cabins, complete with half sink.
 Resemblance anyone ???? 
 The wall paper was screaming TAKE ME OFF THE WALLS! No literally, I would grab a corner and it would willingly FALL right off! Poor bathroom wall paper, it just doesn't stand a chance with all that moisture.
Enter villain number 1: MOLD.
When one puts wall paper in a bathroom one doesn't have to go out on much of a limb to assume there will be lots of mold beneath those sneaky sheets.
 And so, donning my trusty mask (always wear protective wear when working with mold!) I began the excitingly fun process of mold removal. First I sprayed the area down with a mixture of clorox and water - I have also heard that borax or vinegar work well, are healthier for your lungs, and soak into porous materials such as drywall better to destroy the root of the mold, however, clorox is what I had in and so clorox is what I used! ha. Our walls are plaster too so the porous thing doesn't apply but I would recommend something else for drywall.
I also removed all the miniature white trim ... it looks 10 times classier with just the tile being the trim doncha think?
                                         BEFORE                                                      AFTER
 I let the clorox set over night and the mold was very simple to wipe off. After lots of scrubbing, I discovered that someone had previously floated the wall so that it would appear smooth instead of bumpy like the rest of our painted plaster walls in the house.
Enter villain number 2: Plaster of Paris.
KC arrived home with a trowel and a box of plaster of Paris believing that this would be a simple DIY. Three youtube videos later, he was ready to tackle "floating" ... whether it be the pizza we had just eaten, the quality of the three youtube videos, or his own inexperience, the entire production was quite a flop as you can see by his very sad little face.
Our executive decision, why make the bathroom walls all nice and smooth when nothing else in the house is ... and thus ensues our current bathroom escapade (Definition: an adventure with a hint of danger. Perfect word for remodeling don't you think?) of priming and painting these walls...