Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kitchen Update

So, I left off with the kitchen in my Listy McListerson post having the cabinet doors removed and looking like this:
In the meantime, I cleaned all the cabinet doors with paint thinner. This job alone took myself almost a WEEK to complete. The job itself was a harrowing experience for people like me who like things clean ... Allow me to describe the scenario: "Oh look! There is a huge dirty scratch in the face of this door!" after 10 minutes of my fingers bleeding scrubbing "Oh Look! The dirt is yellow ... and sticky ... and it's MUSTARD!" Needless to say, these cupboards parts of these cupboards had not seen the light of day in a few decades!
Super flattering picture of me super excited to be working on these OUTSIDE for once! 
After they were clean, I used a de-glosser instead of sanding them - we used Easu Liquid Sander DeGlosser and this worked really well. I did do a couple coats on each door since I wasn't totally convinced that it was working. Considering we had over 26 doors this took quite a bit of time as well. To add to everything, the week was full of thunderstorms so most of this occurred in the family room!
 The next step was removing the old microwave so that we can create a larger opening into the family room. Our friend Kyle helped us bang this ancient piece of machinery out of its home - things were made so well back in the day! Props to them, but it all makes remodeling just a smidge harder.
 When it came to painting the cupboards, we left that to the professionals and handed them over to some pro painting friends of ours who have a sprayer - still waiting on those bad boys but I cannot WAIT to add them to the finished kitchen!

As for the remaining shelves, KC primed them and painted them while I was away on a quick mini-girlfriend vacation - WIN for me :)

This is a picture of only the first coat of primer - hence the strange bluish hue .. 

The backsplash was my most recent step. I just took a hammer and a heavy duty putty knife and banged behind the laminate. It came off super easy but I would definietly recommend wearing protective eye wear since the pieces break off small and with quite a bit of force! 
 And this is our current kitchen ... cozy right? It has been quite a challenge making much of anything in here ... we've been eating a lot of salad and fruit ... and pizza ;)