Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Bathroom makeover. The REVEAL!

I know, it has been FOREVER since I have posted any updates ... this house thing really isn't taking as long as it appears on the blog, but our life is anything but slow - and we like it that way!

This week found me setting up a LOT in my classroom, and both of us being apart of our dear friends wedding. Which also meant this found us Friday cleaning our house like mad people since all the gentlemen stayed at our place and we figured they wouldn't love sleeping in 2 inches of drywall dust! The wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS! and so much fun - our friends are awesome! 
Even with these festivities however, we were able to get a lot accomplished on the house and FINISH the downstairs "titanic" half bath. Here is a quick transformation run through to look back on what we started with ...
Horribly dated everything. Hideous lantern light, mismatching moldy shell wallpaper, outdated thin trim, mirror placement for giants, and nasty rust colored accessories. 
You've seen the process (if not you can find them at this post and this post) so I will let the pictures do the talking. 
 I also added a little night light - it looks so cozy at night! 
That rounds out our bathroom makeover - SO happy with the way it turned out. Bright cheery, and simple. A perfect miniature bathroom!
                         BEFORE                                AFTER

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I know it's been a long delay but A) this project took much too long thanks to my ever changing mind B) My younger sister, Allie, was visiting as we weren't always renovating! C) My dear friend Colby married the love of his life this weekend and my partner teacher had her baby! D) You will forgive me after you realize that this post actually has a finished product ;)

The most recent shot I left off with was this one in the hallway ...
Because this is an old house, the plaster walls are not in the greatest shape. We have done LOTS of filling and sanding, but they are still not the most attractive. Due to this, we knew that we wanted some sort of pattern on the wall to distract from the uneven and overall decrepitness! I had been looking at a lot of different chevron patterns online and decided on what I guess could be referred to as "random chevron." So, we went to the store, picked out a nice dark grey and began painting over the primer with our new "white". I say that word with caution since now I know that this does no mean that the color you choose is actually white at all! After one coat under our incandescent lighting, we had YELLOW NOT WHITE. Ugh. And thus ensued a 2 day long no joke deliberation process of what to do about it. We did keep busy during this time however, since there was still lots to prime! Thanks to my wonderfully understanding and encouraging sister, and my dear, sweet, patient husband, we decided to pick out three different whites and get small samples of them to test. Here they were: 
I would suggest leaving about a foot distance between them of your original wall color or primer so that you can see a contrast. Our base was actually the "yellow" white since we had just put it one. 

Lesson learned: WHITES ARE A PAIN IN THE BUTT! and you definitely need to test them out in your house lighting because they are tricky little buggers. 

After getting the wall repainted we had to let it set for 24 hours before we began taping - in all honesty, I think we only left it for about 19 but it still worked out fine. 
I had chosen a dark grayish brown for the chevron. However, after our test stripe, I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling that the hallway was too small for such a dark color and began to panic - again. 
Allie trying to get the paint to dry, we didn't have a lot of patience after 2 days of deliberating! ha!
I remembered that I had green down in the basement from a project we had done before and grabbed it. 
We tested it and I loved it! I told you my husband is a saint ;) I would highly recommend testing this out before taping your walls. Allie and I learned a LOT of lessons: 
1. Place the tape where you want it but do not press down hard until you are ready to paint - this protects it from sealing and staying longer on your paint, eliminating the possibility of it pulling the paint off beneath. 
2. Since our space was so narrow, the lines looked very uneven and gave off strange illusions from the side - use a measuring tape to measure the spaces, don't just trust your eyes! 
3. After pressing the tape down, paint a thin line along the edges of your tape with the base color (in our case it was primer ultra white) so that if paint does seep through it is the same color as the line
4. Do NOT paint the color completely over the tape lines - it is impossible to keep it off completely, but try as much as possible to keep it only on the edges because it causes peeling much more when you go to take the tape off. 
5. Do two coats! Even if you don't feel like it. 
6. I stink at doing edges! Allie is MUCH better at them ;) 
7. Wait longer than you think to let the paint dry ... at least an hour, we waited probably 2 
The finished product! We are pretty stoked about it! 

Allie and I also painted the opposite wall in the hallway, the doors, trim, and kitchen! It was a productive week! PS My sister is cooler than yours! ;) 

In the kitchen, KC has been hard at work on the opening ... Just taking the three posts down has already opened this up more than I even expected! He had to do a lot of extra support work to make sure that we didn't crash through from our bedroom, but it is almost there! So proud of him :) 
Dudley has now claimed this as his new spot ;) 
And just because I know you are dying who doesn't like weddings and babies? here are a couple pictures from our weekend at Colby and Rachel Barlow's wedding and Idy and Judson's new beautiful baby girl Bette!