Sunday, November 3, 2013

Oh where, oh where has my renovation motivation gone.. ?

it has disappeared into the horizon as I rode into another school year!
Since school has started, our focus has turned back to settling in, having people over, and enjoying the renovations we made over the summer. However, as the beginning of the school year rush subsides, we have finished and begun some new projects. 
Kitchen Update: 
The cabinets are completed and their fresh, new white paint really brightens things up! The new hardware really added a lot as well! Next step, putting up the subway tile backsplash. 
KC put in a new light fixture from Ikea
Our second hand microwave got a "sticker" makeover since the front was pretty messed up! 
Obviously we need to do SOMETHING with this wall ... still deciding...
Family Room Update: 
We painted the cut out wall a dark grey that went really well with the green chevron wall...we really like how it makes a gives the view into the white kitchen a POP, but are not sure if we love how dark it makes the family room. Still deciding on a good color for this very mismatched room. 

Upstairs Bathroom Update: 
Lastly, we are contemplating painting the upstairs bathroom an olive'ish green instead of the striped wall paper. Similar to THIS ...
However, we are nervous that this may make the bathroom too dark ... white is still a plausible option. 

Ironically, we must give appreciation to tornado winds for our last current renovation. Thanks to the destruction of KC's parents gorgeous porch, and a great home insurance policy, we are the proud owners of uprooted composite boards to replace our very rotten front porch boards! After spending lots of afternoons removing the boards, battling wet windy weather, packing up and unloading the boards at our house, KC is currently removing our boards to be replaced by *cross you fingers* next week! 
As you can see, between winter weather coming, a busy new school year underway and being stuck in "decision wasteland" there has been a pause in our renovation momentum. Keep checking in though, I promise we will have some updates, good or bad,  within the next couple of weeks!