Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Currier and Ives Christmas
Can you believe it! Seriously, I can't believe how much faster time flies as an adult! 

As of yet, I can officially say that I have not "worked" in 2014. We were supposed to be back to school on the 6th, however, this epic winter glacier-like vortex has kept me safe and snug in my little house three extra days! Whoo hoo! But for serious, I would like to get back to my classroom by tomorrow a) we have stuff to do b) we are going on 4 snow days, its only January, and I don't want to make any up!
View from our bed room
Wonderful hubby taking care of all the snow - he's been out there at least three times a day!

Our winter holiday was absolutely fabulous! Family, great food, cozy evenings filled with laughter and LOTS of games, swimming with cousins, marathoning old movies, negative temperatures that remind you that winter still DOES exist! Snow covered pines and a very WHITE Christmas and New Years! 

Recap in Photos: 
Ultimate Tobogganing 
1920's Family New Years Party 
Games Galore! 
Piles of Snow Clothes
Pillow Fight!
Frozen pants - result of girls pranking the boys after swimming! 
I hope all of your Holidays were full of love, joy, and family! 
Happy New Year!