Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bathroom Number 2 - In Progress

Taking advantage of our most recent snow days, I tackled the upstairs bathroom's walls. We knew that we wanted to paint and get rid of the awful and peeling wall paper - I finally settled on an olive green that matched the blue and green towels I had picked up earlier at World Market.
The wall paper went fairly quickly - I know there are a lot of different ways of removing wall paper out there including steamers, vinegar solutions, etc, but the method I have been using throughout the house is simple but effective.
First, I peel the wall paper off - no water or solution, just fingernails, it generally comes off in large sheets.

Then, just using hot water, a rag, and a scraper, I soak sections of the glue with the wet rag, let sit for 30 seconds, then begin scrapping it off. It usually peels right off in sheets this way. Probably does take longer than other methods, but this works for me.
The next steps are always the hardest for me because they require a lot of patience. All of the walls in our house are plaster so this means they are extremely uneven and always cracking. Using joint compound sheetrock, we filled all the cracks and evened our sections of the wall. Then, we sanded...and sanded...and sanded... Finally, after one last wipe down, I taped the tile and began with primer.
TIP: Using just a little bit of color, mix it into the primer so that it blends better when you put the full color on.
Remove the tape, and TADA!! 
                       BEFORE                                 AFTER

In Progress:
  • We are getting a shelving unit to hang behind the toilet from Ikea
  • Still on the hunt for a matching green rug 
  • The last thing will be to add some fun wall decor and another room will be finished!