Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Spring time that is!

Finally, after this never ending Arctic, spring appears to be on it's way. Ironic that it has begun making its debut upon yet another snow day from school.
Do not get me wrong, I have been absolutely IN LOVE with this winter. For almost three whole months, we have had snow insert: a LOT of snow covering the ground. None of this snow, melt, rain, slush nonsense that many of us in the midwest have grown accustomed to - No, it has been a full on, doesn't-get-any-more-real-than-this kind of winter and I have loved every second of it.

However, this last weekend I visited my little sister in Tennessee and tasted spring - it felt like such a tease as I drove back home in white out conditions and arrived to a familiar scene.
While visiting, sabbath afternoon, Allie and I went for a walk, A WALK people! See, it's the negative temperatures that have been taking their toll on me, I have been craving a little walking in my winter wonderland. Today, I got it!

At a balmy 41 degrees, sweatshirt clad since it is obviously MUCH to warm for a coat! and my camera in tow, I took to the streets to enjoy this coming season of spring.
Please note that the snow is well up over our neighbors living room windows!
I admit, it is sad to watch the white landscape give way to the brown gloom, but as I walk, deeply inhaling the fresh, spring air, and hear bird chirping for the first time in months, I am reminded, that there is something wonderful about every season - even the ugly ones and we sure have been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous winter - best to be excited about the inevitable farewell.
Goodbye winter. You sure were good to us this year - come back again next year just the same!