Sunday, March 23, 2014

I am half agony, half hope.

Since I was a little girl, I have harbored a fascination with costumes.
History is also a great passion of mine. the older the better in my opinion.
Along with reading literature, particularly the classics.
Mix this with my adoration of musicals and belting them out while dancing in the living room even as an adult
You have one incredible combination of useless talents.
However, I have discovered that there is one capacity that allows me to utilize at least most of these quite usefully.

I teach fifth grade.

This past week was Spirt week and along side the typical crazy hair day, mismatch day, and Saint Paddy's Green was a magical day "Dress like your Favorite Book Character"
Naturally, my mind began to wander to the treasure trove of literary characters that I could portray.
Anne Shirley
Emma Woodhouse
Daisy Buchanan
Laura Ingalls 
I finally settled with Miss Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. 
Her feistiness, wit, feminism, and elegant simplicity makes her one of the strongest and most beloved female protagonists in literature. 
As my Aunt Sari would say, "For what do we live but to imitate Lizzie!" 

For those of you who have not read the book and have only seen a movie of this great classic - let us be clear. When I say that Elizabeth is one of the greatest female protagonists, I am NOT referring to the monstrosity and lack of character displayed by Keira Knightly or the weak production by Gemma Arterton. 
I instead refer to the performances of Jennifer Ehle (1995) and Elizabeth Garvie (1980). Both women do an incredible portrayal of Jane's Elizabeth! If you have not seen these productions I would highly recommend them both! 

The hair was definitely the trickiest part. I knew that if I simply put my hair up, the period feeling would be missing. I found a lot of great you tube videos on Regency hair styles and chose one that looked simple enough. 
TOP: The back was separated into two parts - the top becoming the soft bun and the second being split into the two braids that were then wrapped around the bun and grown of the head. 
BANGS: Keeping all the hair from the crown of your head out, you create pin curls with that remaining hair to frame your face. There are loads of youtube videos on how to do pin curls.

People always ask where I get this stuff from ... well, I actually have most of it. Once in awhile I will have to purchase an accessory to help create or improve an outfit, but overall, it's in the closet! 

HEAD BAND: The girls on the videos all had a lot longer hair than me so their braids wrapped all the way around their heads. Mine didn't quite make it so I tied a cream headband I already owned on to tuck the ends into.
DRESS: Spaghetti strap prom dress with recreated top in the model of Emma's yellow summer dress. 
Created for an Academy banquet in 2006. 
EARRINGS: Vintage looking clip ons from Claire's - originally bought for a Gatsby costume party.  
NECKLACE: Vintage cameo given to me by a friend. 
SHAWL/WRAP: Cream scarf bought at Forever 21 - also originally purchased for Gatsby costume. 
SHOES: Vintage cream pumps from Goodwill - also originally purchased for Gatsby Costume. 

In total - I did not spend a dime on this costume for school. Win. Win! 

To end, here is my class dressed as their favorite characters :0)