Monday, March 24, 2014

March House Fashion Show.

Can you believe it is already March?!
Well, we have been doing a lot of little changes to the house here and there but none of them have warranted their very own post. Therefore, they have ended up here - in the miscellaneous
March House Fashion Show!
First up on the runway, we have our newest additions to the dinning room. These spherical objects are making their debut after spending years hidden in a small antique shop downtown. They add character and height to the dinning room.
These pair great with the next item - a simple, square mirror wearing IKEA. 
Please welcome to the floor our newest member of the kitchen - jute rug who is displaying both fashion and usefulness.
And his twin - lounging perfectly in front of the door. 
Billowing in luxurious patterns of greens and red, these curtains have been returned to their glory after being stored in an upstairs closet since the move, and bring a bold statement and freshen up the family room.
Bringing light to an otherwise dark corner, this lamp, received at Christmas, shines in it's new home.
And finally, the total show stopper:  
Purchased from Craigslist, sporting dashing stainless steal, a grill top, and a clean back this item is a perfect fit to modernize the kitchen while allowing it to rest flush against the counter, opening up the pass through.
                                     BEFORE                               AFTER
So excited about how clean this looks from the family room! 
Can't wait to save up money for a new counter top - probably a summer project! 
In conclusion of our March House Fashion Show - We bring you the SPRING collection making a dashing appearance inside the house - we are still working on the outside! 
GONE is the winter decor!  
We hope you enjoyed the show!