Saturday, March 22, 2014

March melting brings ... December's Christmas Trees?

Truly, this has been a winter to remember.

No matter how much I wished for it, spring did not come after my last post. I know, I know, you all "told me so".
I suspected you were right, but hoped it would not be true, however, winter returned with a vengeance bringing me yet another snow day last week!
The day was bright and sunny so I took to the streets yet again .. . . .

The landscape was awe inspiring - like a ski hill snow blower decided to take up residence in our neighborhood and mark it's new found territory. Taken 3.12.14

However, since last week, things have started warming up - we even got to 60 yesterday! Now grant it, we are back down to 36 today, but the snow is melting and for the first time in MONTHS we can see the ground. Taken 3.21.14
GRASS! and a whole lota mud!
And the funniest part - Christmas trees making their second after-Christmas debut 

In other news ... our bathtub faucet has been leaking for quick a while now, so yesterday, KC decided that this was a job for a MAN. After purchasing a simple $4.00 replacement seal, he took apart and reassembled it successfully! After running around the house crying "I'M A MAN! I'M A MAN" he went to turn in on ... our house is very old and while installing the new fixture, he busted one of the brass pipes without knowing it,  so water sprayed all over the inside of the wall! 
Since we could no longer take showers, KC removed the hardware and we decided to take VERY hot baths (since the cold water pipe was not working). Here is our ingenious contraption.
I felt very Romanesque lounging in our thermae bath
So ... . . Some home improvements work, some don't. 
We have found it to be a lot more fun that way :0) 
Thanks for popping in!