Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Mini Shutter Dilemma

Recently, just surviving post Spring break has taken up much of our time. Between laundry, and shopping for the upcoming wedding/trip to South Carolina, along with the cramming of information into my kiddos brains before break (February and March are the learning months!!) we have been sorta crazy!

However, we did manage a little project a couple evenings ago. When we bought the house, we inherited these cute little shutters in the dinning room. The original color was green - it was even on the ceiling! I debated removing the shutters altogether since, especially with the green, it felt very old fashioned and out of style.
After painting it, I was still unsure about what I wanted to do about the shutters.
The other night KC asked me what I wanted to do about the shutters - out of NO WHERE I said, "burlap might look nice in them". He agreed, and we headed off to Michael's right away!
The shutters must of housed some sort of stained glass type piece originally, so we bought dowels to stick into the holes.
We cut the dowels
 Bought the pre cut ribbon type burlap (if JUST fit in our windows)
 Poked holes into the burlap - pens do the job really well :0)
And stuck them into the frames.
Grant it, they are not the most beautiful from the other side but you really can't see them outside.

In other news, we went to IKEA last weekend and bought some treasures ...

New couch pillow covers which I adore! 
 New duvet cover and sheets for the bed - the bedroom feels a lot more complete with an actual matching set!
Finally got a Bathroom shelf for behind the toilet  - I am in love with how this looks!
Currently on the hunt for some fun bathroom wall art ... that is surprisingly difficult to find! ha ha.
                                     BEFORE                                AFTER
Thanks for popping in!