Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY// All that glitters is GOLD!

I decided to join the pinterest GOLD FEVER bandwagon! 

Let me tell you, IT IS ADDICTING!! Everything looks better with gold spray paint! I really have been having to calm myself down so it doesn't look like a little golden fairy threw up all around our house! However, I am SUPER excited about the things that I have done! 

I have been hanging onto these jars since a fellow teacher dropped them in the "trash" much to the chagrin of my husband - you gotta have vision man! 

Using the gold spray paint I turned these into real beauties! 

  • glass objects (jars, glasses, dishes, etc.) 
  • Painters tape 
  • Metallic gold spray paint 
  • Exacto knife could be useful when tearing the tape off I may use this next time  

 Tape the jars in whatever design you would like
Cover the exposed glass with paper 
Spray in a well ventilated area - I did about three coats
Gently remove the tape and TADA!! Handy and stylish containers to fill to your hearts desire! 
Great color for the holidays as well! 

In the family room, I spray painted the outlet plates gold... 
 I painted Roberto, The Ram
I also spray painted the bottom of this plain chip and dip set to make it POP a little more: 
Again, a fabulous color for holiday use as well. 

My salvaged desk. This poor thing had seen better days and while it did have a sleek, somewhat modern look, I just couldn't get it to fit anywhere. Add a little gold spray paint ...
Please disregard the unfinished wall in the background, that project is still under way! 
After seeing an adorable post on Sugar & Cloth of whom I just adore! I knew I HAD to make this canvas. So since I was in the mood for gold, I also painted this which will eventually hand above the desk once the wall is completed. 
The paint spatters began as an accident, not sure If I should paint over them or leave them ...
So, if you are like me and are in LOVE with GOLD - try out some of these very simple DIY creations.