Friday, July 11, 2014

Built In Remodel

Okay, I shouldn't jump the gun. 

It is only a partial remodel. I am still debating the knobs. ... 

However, we decided (after much back and fourth deliberation on my part) to keep the wood instead of painting it. BUT, I was still not happy with how it looked. Nothing POPPED. The shelving still looked out dated, like walking into a hunting cabin family room, and you could barely see the stuff I stuck up there .... 

SO, I painted the back and am really happy with the way it turned out! I feel that it brings the room together well! I also started a more neutral color scheme and incorporated more gold, browns, and blacks still can't get myself to move the K&B though... ha!

and yes, yes, I know, the ram is hung too high ... I'm TRYING to get KC to move it down a little ;0) 
                          BEFORE                                AFTER
Can't forget my little buddy, Dudley, who posed perfectly for all the pictures!  

Now onto choosing knobs to help make the built in more modern. 
This is in the current runnings: 
Tune in later for the final decision!