Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY// Pictures on the cheap

I have been oogling so many amazing wall hangings on Pinterest recently. Most particularly this adorable print: 
However, being on a tight budget and with multiple remodels going on in the house, these little luxuries have been placed on the back burner for now.
That is until I realized that I COULD indeed place these beauties on my wall ... on the cheap and with a lot less quality!

So here we go, Prints on the cheap 

Grab random frames around your house or go to a second hand store and pick them up on the cheap. Spray paint them whatever color you want - I am trying to stick with black and gold for our walls. 

Go online pinterest for me and copy/paste your favorite prints onto Microsoft Word or any other word processor program and make them as large as they can be without being too grainy and blurry. 
Don't forget to look around your house for things that could be used as prints as well. I had gotten a gorgeous Rifle paper herb calender last year and kept it knowing I wanted to do something with the pictures since they were so lovely! Trimming them made them a perfect size for a couple of my frames. 

Also, there are always great photos around the house to add in fun frames. 
Then, decided where the different prints and sizes will fit.
Finally, hang and display around the house!