Saturday, July 19, 2014

Keeping it FRESH!

No matter how good something looks in your house, 

it. gets. old. 

am I right?? Therefore, it is important to keep rearranging things or spray painting things! to keep things fresh and new feeling! 

Something to keep in mind are areas in your home that lend themselves to more constant change, almost like a seasonal place where you can change the decor both seasonally AND casually whenever you feel like it. 
A couple places in the house lend themselves nicely to this including a fireplace mantle, buffet tops, coffee and end tables. In my house, these all get changed as well but my true chameleon is the bar cart. Since we are a dry house, there isn't a "constant" and is an ever changing placement of whatever I am in the mood for. 
Since January I got it for Christmas it has gone through many different stages ...
Spring Greens

 Still not sure if I love my old bottles ... thinking of spray painting them gold? Too much? Right now they don't really match but I love the depth and hight they give to different areas. 

Remember to keep things FRESH throughout the year! Good Luck Rearranging!