Monday, July 14, 2014

The Continued Evolution of the Kitchen Opening

Can you believe THIS is what our family room wall looked like almost exactly one year ago?! Thanks to my INCREDIBLE hubby, it has opened up this room. Insert: Best House Decision YET! 
Because there always is a but...

Some things are nice and easy. 
They work well with other things. 
Come together without much thought.
Look great quickly and effortlessly.
Other things DO NOT. 
Enter the KITCHEN OPENING struggle.


It is a much added bonus to the room, pleasant, gives us this AMAZING view of the family room and aids in helping us be more hospitable to guests in the family room, however, like all wonderful objects, it has its flaws. 
It is plain, empty, barren, and sad looking. 
Even with lovely flower pictures from Target I can't seem to liven it up. 
We tried painting it. Grant it, the paint color was an awful choice - made it look like a boys dormitory basement. 
I thought about wall paper, spice it up and make it our "statement" wall, BUT.... we already have a FABULOUS statement wall connected to it and the clash seems inevitable with whatever design or color I choose. 
Oh, the complications. 

As you can see, I LOVE this wall and LOATHE it all at the same time.
much like the feeling I have after eating 2 bowls of ice cream 

If you have any suggestions please feel free to help a gal out :0) 

I will leave you on a positive note - I really am grateful for this opening and even if it stays just the way it is, it does look ten million times better than before!