Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Healthy Garlic Salad Recipe

My mother's greatest recipe ever passed on to me would have to be her oober amazing and healthy garlic salad. I grew up eating it or some variation  almost everyday! 
A continually raved salad at parties and potlucks, "Shari's Salad" has become a staple in my new home as well. The best part is that while it is wonderful tasting, it is also FULL of essential items that your body should be getting daily. 
Lemon Juice 
Braggs Liquid Amino Acid
Nutritional Yeast 
Fresh Garlic (cloves) 
Extra Light Olive Oil 
Green Leaf Lettuce 
Wash the salad - I buy local organic and the leaves tend to be pretty dirty. Using a salad spinner is essential, otherwise you will either have a very wet salad or be spending a lot of extra time drying it. 
Tear the leaves into small pieces.
Mix your ingredients - I usually use a measuring cup so that I keep it accurate. 
Recipe for two people: 
2 squirts Lemon Juice 
1 long squirt Braggs Liquid Amino Acid
Sprinkle Nutritional Yeast 
3-4 large Garlic Cloves 
1/4 cup Extra Light Olive Oil 
Small head or 1/2 large Green Leaf Lettuce 
Pour the mixture on the salad - mix. 
Then add a sprinkling of nutritional yeast - be careful, too much can really dry out the salad! 
Serve and eat! 
For special occasions (since it is not as healthy) I like to add feta cheese for flavor and looks - it really adds a lot of pizzaZ! 
This salad is great served plain ... 
It is also excellent inside of a burrito or on top of a rice stack ...
The recipe can also be used exactly the same with cut up cabbage as well as cut up cucumbers for a change. The mixture is also wonderful on baked potatoes as a substitute for butter or sour cream. It can also be added to pasta as a great sauce add the feta to the pasta and it will rock your socks!