Saturday, October 24, 2015

Entryway Remodel

It has been very LONG in coming, but the entryway is finally completed! we still need to replace a couple of floor boards and refinish the floors ... but it is good enough for a reveal!
Prior to this remodel, we were unable to open our front door past the low arch that led into our dinning room. This made it difficult for guests to come in and made it so I could never prop the front door open to enjoy the view outside. It also made the living room feel disconnected from the rest of the house. Now, we are able to open the door wide open, welcome guests into an actual room, and have a more open concept between the living room, entry, and dinning room. 
PHASE 1: CONSTRUCTION aka the fun part!
It stayed like this for WAY too long! haha! Seriously, it is hard for me to imagine functioning day to day around this much of a mess! 

PHASE 2: BUILDING SUPPORT BEAMS so we could remove the framing

PHASE 3: DRYWALL. aka Dusting and sweeping NIGHTMARE!
 Do you SEE The dust on the floor and table!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! 

 PHASE 5: REBUILDING The bottom three stairs
STEP 6: Repainting the hallway and living room light and dark grey. 

Don't you just love my ketchup and mustard door? I think I hear my next project calling...

 We could not be happier with the results! SUPER proud of KC!